Our Story

In 2010, restauranteurs Ben and Jennifer Chang and natural health practitioner Kimchi Moyer created Goji Kitchen with the vision of offering fresh, healthy Asian fusion cuisine to Sonoma County.

The trio implemented practices that they believed would be not only the most flavorful, but the best for health-conscious consumers: common additives such as MSG were replaced by techniques like steeping spices in pho broth overnight for deep flavor, steam ovens were used instead of traditional microwaves, and local and organic ingredients were sourced whenever possible.

Five years later, Goji Kitchen is grateful for the overwhelming reception we’ve received from customers, and for the opportunity to continue serving the community.

Our commitment to quality remains as strong as when we first started, and we’ve continued to build on it by innovating new dishes and constantly raising our standards.

Now, we’re happy to introduce certified non-GMO cooking oils, and do so with the aim of expanding our certified non-GMO offerings as much as possible. For us, good health and good food go hand in hand.

From all of us at Goji, we thank you for your patronage over the past five years, and look forward to many more.


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