Goji Kitchen, an Asian-fusion kitchen in the heart of Santa Rosa’s JC neighborhood — featuring MSG-free pho (something BiteClubbers have vocally advocated), bbq short ribs, clay pot rice, orange peel sesame chicken, spring rolls and more than 40 other dishes. And that’s just for lunch.

Run by a trio of owners, Kim and Ben Chang (former managers of China Room) and well-known local health practioner Kimchi Moyer, the focus is on Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese classics made without any artificial stuff. In fact, they’re going so far as to import a special European water filtration system that Jennifer Chang says will really make their food taste even better. In addition, there are no microwaves in the restaurant and she’s proud to say that the chicken is free-range from Petaluma poultry.

Top-notch service helps navigate through the menu, the interior is modern and minimal, and the tinkling fountain keeps the whole experience very zen-like.

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